Color segment holds a Pending Patent


Unique Technology

With the new additive feeder, the plastics market gets access to use many colors for the same product.

The feeder will cut the additive strips according to need and this will reduce the use of

material, save place in the warehouse and reduce dead stock.

With the additive feeder resolution of 0.01 gram, we can create color on demand, and thereby improve the efficiency of the injection factory. 


The new additive feeder offers

 High resolution of real time cutter mechanism 0.01 gram and less.
 Today’s best feeders in the market have ±0.2 gram offset.

 Color on demand mechanism.  

 Today It is verycostly and cumbersome to use more than one color for a product. 
 International color code data base like RAL, Pantone, Hex Number.

 Close loop color correction.       

 Mobile app management – online Additive feeder’s status.

 An environment friendly production process.